A Redirect is a referral from one destination to another.

Sparq Smart Redirects feature offers you the ability to divert your customers to a desired URL or promo page by adding a redirect to a specific search term that the customers mostly search. With a smart redirect, you can create custom redirects for specific keywords.

You can even create Redirects for navigation to any page for your store as well.

After installing Sparq,

  • Go to Apps in your Admin Dashboard -> Select Sparq Search and Filters.
  • From Sparq Admin Menu -> Select Redirects.

Add: The Add option is used to create custom redirects for some specific search queries.

  • Click on Add and enter the desired search query in the keyword tab.
  • Add URL which you want the customer to be directed to in the URL tab respectively.
  • Further, set the toggle for Open In New Tab to on if you want the redirected link to be opened in a new tab.
  • Finally, click on save to retain all changes.

All the Redirects will appear in the record table containing the keyword, URL, Open in a new tab, and action fields respectively.

Clear All: This option gives you the liberty to delete all redirects as and when required. Once you click on Clear All. An alert will appear which will confirm to clear all the redirects from the record table.

Later you can go to your store and check for the redirect, enter the keyword you added in the search box, and Sparq redirects logic will send you to the landing page you have added for that keyword.

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