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How can I make images appear in equal size
How can I make images appear in equal size
Updated over a week ago

Sparq Filters do not affect the image size, by default, when showing the images on search dropdown or collection pages.

If your images are shown in different sizes on collection pages, it's because the images you uploaded to Shopify are of different dimensions.

We can help you resize the images and appear in a consistent size, but please understand that it will crop certain images, which do not fit the general aspect ratio.

For eg. if you decide to keep image dimension as 100px wide and 100px tall, if any image come in which is 200px wide and 200px tall, we can resize it to 100px wide and 100px tall with no issues.

For image that would be 200px wide but 300px tall, we would need to crop that image to 200px wide and 200px tall to match the aspect ratio of 1:1 and then resize to 100px wide and 100px tall.

If you want absolute control over how to show images, you would need to set all images of same aspect ratio

You can always reach out to us via chat or at [email protected] for any further clarification

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