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How to add Banners to your store?
How to add Banners to your store?

Learn about the benefits of using promotional banners on your store and how to set them up using your Sparq dashboard

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Banners are the hero images for the category pages of eCommerce sites that help driving traffic, sales, and conversions leading to brand awareness and promotion.

Exhibit your latest updates, promotions, and events by adding beautiful banners to your store. Sparq product search and filters offers to display these promotional banners on various areas of your site.

Here are an example of banners feature in action:

Banner Setup

After installing Sparq, move to your Apps dashboard, click on the "Sparq Product Search and Filters" and then navigate to Merchandising > Banners.

To set up a banner, click on the “Add Banner” button as highlighted on the above screencast and enter the following fields:


Add a unique name or title for the banner to remember its significance. For eg: To signify any latest offers, show any bonanza or festive sale, etc.

Note: The title does not appear anywhere on the banner. It can only be seen in the table containing records of all banners for your convenience.


Upload your banner image, you have the freedom to upload a banner image of your ideal dimensions and requirements for the best visibility and a responsive layout.

The exact dimension of the banner depends on your theme and should always be consulted with your Shopify developer or reach out to our customer care, we're always happy to help.

Note: Maximum size of your banner image is 2 MB


Add a URL link for your banner. This can be used to redirect your customers to the desired page as they click on the banner. On flipping the "Open in a new tab" toggle, the entered link will open on a new tab. If you do not want the ability to link, simply enter "#" in the text box.


Choose the area to render your banner. The options available are as follows:

  • Search Page: Banner renders with your search results

  • Collection Page: To render the banner on a certain collection. Enter the collection(s) under the "White Listed Collection List". We support the ability to add multiple collections. If no collection is added, the banner will be displayed on all the collections.

  • Dropdown: The dropdown banner displays position with the search bar results.

  • Search & Collection Page: To render the banner on the desired collection(s) as well as the dropdown with the search bar results.

Banner Positions

Choose the banner placement on your preferred location of the store page. The available positions are as follows:

  • Page Top Section: Banner placed before the search results

  • Page Bottom: Banner placed after the search results

  • Sidebar Top: Banner placed before the filters

  • Sidebar Bottom: Banner placed after the filters


It gives you the ability to select whether the banner should be displayed on the desktop or mobile or both.

After entering all the fields, click on "Save". The banner added will appear in the record table consisting of all other added banners and it can be seen displayed on the particular section (top, bottom) of the search page or dropdown area selected. To delete a banner by using the "Delete" icon displayed in the table.

Once a banner is configured, it starts appearing immediately on the Sparq powered search page and the collection pages of the website at the given designated section.

Sparq team really appreciates your feedback to improve its services. If you have any suggestions, feel free to request custom features for your store. For any support, you can reach out to us using the in-app-chat feature or email us at [email protected]

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