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Uninstalling Sparq App and Cancelling Subscription
Uninstalling Sparq App and Cancelling Subscription

A guide to help you remove Sparq App from your Shopify Store and cancel subscription charges

Updated over a week ago

We're sorry to see you go, but if you wish to remove Sparq from your store, simply delete the app from your app dashboard.

After uninstalling the app, some files that Sparq generated during setup might no longer be necessary. You can safely remove these resources to keep your store tidy.

Please note that once the app is deleted, we no longer have access to your store, and the removal process is manual. Should you need any assistance in cleaning up the app-related resources, please don't hesitate to contact us. We're here to assist you in ensuring a clean and smooth transition for your store.

Store Changes

If we integrated the collection filters into your store, we create a backup of your original theme. You can simply revert to the original theme and revert collection page integration.

Once you revert the collection page changes, please delete the following files. Please note that not all files would be available and will depend on the version of the Sparq you are using

  • assets/sq-app.css

  • assets/sq-common.css

  • assets/sq-app.js

  • assets/sq-config.js

  • snippets/sparq-assets.liquid

Theme Layout File

Navigate to the theme.liquid file and locate the specified code snippet. Remove this code to make the desired changes.

  • {% render 'sparq-assets' %}

Sparq BestSeller Collection

After eliminating all the associated files, you should proceed to delete our collection titled "Sparq Bestseller Collection - DO NOT DELETE."

Sparq Billing

Upon uninstalling the app, any future billings for Sparq Product Filter & Search will be halted. Our billing process is conducted exclusively through Shopify. If you come across any pending charges after app removal, you can get in touch with Shopify's support team for clarification and assistance.


Should you require any assistance, feel free to contact us at [email protected]. Our support team is here to help you with the process of cleaning up files and ensuring a smooth transition.

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