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How to use Custom Sort values for Sparq results
How to use Custom Sort values for Sparq results

Sparq offers a way to chose between numerous sort type or even use original Shopify sort data to show results on Collection/Search page

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Sparq app allows displaying results on collection or search pages using either default Shopify Sort or Sparq Sort values

To modify the sort type, change the setting under Theme > Collection Pages > Sort Values

Sparq Sort Type

Out of the box, Sparq offers the following sort types, which can be used for every collection page or search results page. You can change the default sort to be any of the values from the below choices,

  • Relevance

  • Price Low to High

  • Price High to Low

  • Alphabetically, A to Z

  • Alphabetically, Z to A

  • Date, New to Old

  • Date, Old to New

  • Bestseller

Shopify Sort Type

To use this feature, enable the setting "Use Shopify's collection Sort". Whenever you enable this setting, Sparq will trigger a process to reindex data and fetch the latest sort positions for all "Manual" sorted collections. Once the process completes, you will see every collection using the same sort type, as you have set up in your Shopify backend.

The sort positions for manually sorted collections and best sellers sorted collections are updated once every 24 hours.

Shopify Sort Order using Sparq Filter & Search

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