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Smart dynamic filters
Smart dynamic filters

Learn how to enable the smart dynamic filters for your store search and collection pages

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Sparq Product Search and Filters helps you create unique product filters for your store based on product tags you’ve already set. Your store no longer has to be restricted by the limited filters that are offered by Shopify.

You can create any number of unique filters and customise where they show up. On the search page or on the collection page, these filters will update automatically to match the search query thanks to our smart dynamic filter technology and can remove the irrelevant filters to prevent zero-result searches.

Since the collection page of each store is different thus to show filters on the collection page we would suggest store to check our documentation for free themes here and if your theme is not available in the list then you can use our in-app chat feature to get assistance with the support or email us at [email protected]

Types of Filters

Sparq offers you the ability to customise three types of filters. All of these filters appears on your search results page and the collection pages powered by Sparq.

System Generated filters

These are filters that are created automatically based on product attributes such as Product Tags, Product Type, Collections, Vendor, and Variants Options.

These filters can’t be deleted, but you can change the title of filters, configure its visibility on search page or collection pages.

Tag-Based Filters

If you ever thought of creating filters basis tags on your product, this is what we've got for you. Setup any number of filters, basis any tag value on your product, choose a user interface and you are all set to go.

These filters appear on both search results and collection pages to make navigation easier for your visitors.

Meta Fields Filters

For those advanced users, who just cannot live without meta, create custom filters basis those. Simply enter meta namespace and key and enjoy those shiny filters on your store.

System Filter Features

System Filter are special filters created by Sparq automatically by parsing your product data. Sparq search looks at following attribute when creating system filter

  • Product Tags

  • Product Type

  • Vendor

  • Collection Names

  • All options for variants

A system filter is generated by Sparq and cannot be deleted or created by a store owner. A store owner can perform only following actions on system filters

  • Update Title for the filter

  • Choose filter UI type

  • Add values to hide from the filters

  • Enable/Disable the filter on Search/Collection page

  • Collapse or Expand filter on the UI

  • Filter sorting type

  • Show/Hide filter on a specific Collection Page

  • Enable Search box for the filters

System Filter includes price filters which are generated automatically, basis the prices of your products.

Tag Filter Features

A Tag Filter is a custom filter which a user can create additionally on basis of the tags applied to the products.

You can enable/disable and delete the tag filter as per your requirement. Tag filters contains all the system filter features and some additional following features as well.

  • Option to add list of the tags

  • Additional Manual sorting option

Filter Configuration

First, head to the "Filters" menu from the Sparq Search panel.

This screen shows you the current filters that are active on your search and collection pages. On this page, click on the Add Filter button.

Click on the filter type you wish to create and then you will see the screen where you can add and modify rest of the filter options.

In the Filter Name tab, add the new filter you want to create. This will be the new attribute under which new custom options will appear.

Next, add the Filter description , this will only display in the app filter listing and not on the store. The description is useful if you wish to make same name filters to show on different collection pages with different tag filter values.

Next, add in the Tags you want to appear as options in this attribute. Make sure that you’ve already added the relevant tags to your products. Hit the Enter key to separate the tags.

Next, you can choose the Filter UI type , this will allow you to choose if you wish to give the customer option to choose multiple filter options at once or single filter options.

When you chose multi-select we show checkboxes on the store front and when you choose single select then we show radio button on the store front.

Additionally, If you are creating color filter then as a filter UI you can choose" Color Swatch" and the list of default color grid will appear which you can modify as per your store requirements.

Next, you can check if you want this new filter to appear on both the search results and collection pages in the Filter Visibility Tab. For best results, we recommend that you keep both options enabled.

The Show Expanded option is present for every filter, system-generated and tag-generated. It lets you toggle if you want to show the various options present in this filter by default or not. If this option is toggled off for a filter, that will appear collapsed on the search results page.

Next, you can choose the default Filter Sort Values , we provide following sort options.

  • Product count

  • Alphabetically A to Z

  • Alphabetically Z to A

  • Manual - only for Tag filters.

Finally, you can choose where you want to Display or Hide this Filter on your store. Here you can choose the list of collection where you either want to show the filter or hide the filters from.

Don’t forget to save your new filters!

In the end, when you’re ready, make sure to save to apply the changes. You will see the new filters active on your store within minutes.

Bonus Features

Filter Positioning

You can manage the filter positions simply by drag dropping your active filters in your desired order and then save the changes.

Hide Values in Filter for System filters

For System Filters, you can hide specific values from the filters that you show on your website in just a few steps. This is different from hiding a filter category. The product with these tags will still show up in the search results.

As an example, we’ve chosen to hide the value of “Hot-Wheels” from our filters. On the System Filter page, you will see a field for Hide Filter Values. Enter the tags you want to hide from filters. These can be separated by comma or hitting the enter key. Remember to save your changes.

Once saved, those specific values will be hidden from the filter list. In the below screenshot you will the difference when a filter value is hidden from a filter. Please note that this only hides the filter values and not respective products from the search results.

Note - Both Tag and Meta filters are part of our paid plans, please upgrade to plan thats suits your requirement after your trial is over.

Feedback and suggestions are most welcomed. Need support! Feel free to contact us using the in-app-chat feature or mail us at [email protected].

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