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Hide Specific Products from Collections and Search
Hide Specific Products from Collections and Search
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In Sparq, you have the ability to hide specific products from appearing in collections and search results. By adding a unique Product Tag to the relevant products in your Shopify store and configuring a setting in our app's general settings, you can easily control their visibility.

Step 1: Adding a Unique Product Tag

  1. Log in to your Shopify store admin panel.

  2. Navigate to the product details page of the product you want to hide.

  3. Find the "Tags" or "Product Tags" section and add a unique tag to the product. This tag will be used to identify the products you wish to hide.

Step 2

Click on the menu item at Theme > General Settings in the Sparq dashboard

Step 3

On the general settings page, find the "Hide Products" section. Within this section, there should be an input field or a list where you can add the product tag you created in Step 1.

Enter the unique product tag in the designated area.

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