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Hide Out-of-Stock Items from Collections and Search
Hide Out-of-Stock Items from Collections and Search

This article shows how to hide/show out of stock items in collections and search

Updated over a week ago

In Sparq, you have the ability to manage the visibility of out-of-stock items in your collections and search results. By enabling a specific option in the general settings, you can ensure that products with no available inventory are hidden from view.

Step 1

Go to the menu item Theme > General settings

Step 2

Within the general settings, locate the "Hide out of stock" section., locate the "Out-of-Stock Visibility".

Enable the option that controls the visibility of out-of-stock products in collections and search results.

Once you change the setting, the system will scan your catalog again for out-of-stock data. This might take a while depending on your catalog size for your store.

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