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Smart Dynamic Filters

Customizing your store experience has never been easier! With Sparq, you can create unique product filters based on the product tags you've already set. These filters will be prominently displayed on both the search results page and collection pages powered by Sparq, allowing your customers to easily refine their searches and find the perfect products.

The power of Smart Dynamic Filters takes your store's search functionality to the next level. These filters automatically update in real-time to provide options that are highly relevant to the search query. This intelligent feature ensures that search users won't encounter dead-ends or no-result pages, enhancing their search experience and increasing the chances of successful product discovery.

Custom Tailored Filters

When using Sparq, you have the flexibility to customize four types of filters, giving you full control over the search and navigation experience for your customers. All of these customized filters will be prominently visible on the search results page and collection pages, ensuring a seamless and intuitive browsing experience.

By leveraging Sparq's customization capabilities, you can tailor your store's search and filtering options to match your unique branding and product offerings, providing a superior shopping experience for your valued customers.

Sparq offers two types of filters for your Shopify store, each providing unique functionalities to enhance your customers' browsing experience:

  • System Generated Filters: These filters are automatically created based on various product attributes such as Product Tags, Product Type, Collections, Vendor, and Variants Options. While you cannot delete these filters, you have the flexibility to modify their titles and configure their visibility on both search results and collection pages. This allows you to customize the display and improve navigation for your visitors.

  • Tag-Based Filters: For those looking to create specific filters based on product tags, Sparq provides the perfect solution. You can set up any number of filters based on tag values found on your products. By selecting a preferred user interface, you can seamlessly incorporate these tag-based filters on both search results and collection pages. This feature simplifies navigation and empowers your customers to find the products they desire with ease.

  • Meta Fields Filters: Designed for advanced users who make extensive use of meta fields, this feature allows you to create custom filters based on meta namespace and key. By entering the relevant meta information, you can generate dynamic filters that enhance the browsing experience for your store's visitors.

  • Option Filters: Option Filters are custom filters created by Shopify store owners who offer products with multiple options, like size, color, or material. Customers can easily narrow down their search by selecting their preferred attributes, making their shopping experience more user-friendly and efficient.

Configuring these filters is quick and straightforward, and any changes made are reflected instantly on your store. Simply click on the "Edit" or "Add Filter" buttons to customize the filters according to your preferences.

With Sparq's versatile filter options, you can create a personalized shopping journey for your customers, making it more enjoyable and efficient for them to discover the products they desire on your Shopify store.

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