Sparq Search helps improve the search experience of your Shopify online store by delivering relevant results in real-time. To install the app:

  • Head over the Sparq Product Filter and Search App page

  • Click on add app

  • If you’re not logged in, enter your Shopify Shop URL

  • Click Install App to get started

    Once the install is complete, head over to your Apps dashboard and click on the Sparq Product Filter and Search app. You will be greeted with this message:

The “Enable Search Integration” toggle will switch on or off the Sparq Product Filter and Search integrated with your store and start the Indexing process.

Now Sparq will start the initial indexing process which will collect the data about products, collections, and pages on your store. Depending on your product count, this process can take a few minutes for the first time. In the subsequent run, this process only pulls in only partially updated records and is much faster.

You can also check when the last sync was done and manually Request Sync to update store information.

Once this is done, it is recommended that you head on over to the Data tab to check the data imported by Sparq or check out the Settings tab for the final touches before taking the instant Sparq Search to live on your site.

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