The first step to integrating Sparq into your store is to integrate it with your theme.
Always create a copy of your theme before starting

Theme Files

To add Sparq files to your theme, open theme.liquid and add the following code before the closing of the </head> section.

// other code in theme.liquid

// this includes sparq asset file in your store UI
{% render 'sparq-assets' %}

Once you complete the above step, you should see our default UI on the search page for your store at https://<store-url>

You can also visit the above page by clicking the search result icon on the admin dashboard at

The search result page you open should show a user interface similar to the following screenshot with default filters using your Shopify data.

The user interface you see on this page is completely customizable and our support team help you customize it at no cost

Collection Pages

To modify collection pages, we suggest reaching out to the support team to help you set them up correctly. Each theme is different and requires manual attention to integrate. Please reach out to us via the chat icon in the bottom right or send us an email at

In case you would like to integrate the same yourself, please include the following liquid code by replacing the product grid in your theme,

{% render 'collection-sparq' %}

This will populate your collection page with Sparq filters and product grid as shown in the above screenshot

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