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Understand how to edit your theme to start using Sparq filters and search on your store

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Before starting this process, it is highly recommended to create a copy of your existing theme

To begin integrating Sparq into your store, the first crucial step is to seamlessly integrate it with your theme. Always work on a copy of your live theme so that any changes made during the integration won't affect your original theme directly.

Creating a copy of your theme acts as a safeguard against any unintended modifications or issues that might arise during the integration process. With a duplicate theme in place, you can experiment and work on the integration with peace of mind, knowing that your original theme remains intact.

Once you've safely created a backup of your theme, you can confidently proceed with integrating Sparq, enhancing your store's search functionality and providing a superior user experience for your customers.

To smoothly integrate Sparq into your theme, follow these straightforward steps:

Select Your Theme

Begin by choosing your theme from the dropdown menu. As a precautionary measure, it is highly advisable to create a copy of your theme before proceeding. This ensures that your original theme remains unaffected during the integration process.

Start Integration

After selecting your theme and ensuring you have a backup copy, click on the "Start Integration" button. The integration process typically takes no longer than 5 minutes to complete.

Completion and Next Step

Once the integration is successfully finished, you'll receive a notification or confirmation. Now, click on the "Next" button to move on to the next step of the integration process.

Once the integration process is complete, you can take advantage of Sparq's enhanced features by previewing your theme. At this stage, the collection and search pages on your store will be powered by Sparq, delivering a more efficient and user-friendly search experience.

To witness Sparq filters in action, follow these steps:

  • Preview Your Theme: Access the preview mode of your theme to observe the changes made during the integration. This allows you to see how Sparq has improved your collection and search pages.

  • Experience Sparq Filters: To experience Sparq filters firsthand, visit the fcollowing URL: <your-shop-url>/collections/all. Here, you will be able to interact with the newly implemented Sparq filters and explore their functionalities.

By previewing your theme and exploring the collection and search pages, you can fully appreciate the benefits of integrating Sparq into your store. The enhanced search capabilities and filters provided by Sparq will greatly improve your customers' browsing experience, making it easier for them to find the products they desire.

That's fantastic! With the integration process completed, you'll be delighted to know that a custom search dropdown will be automatically enabled. This means that your customers will benefit from a personalized and enhanced search experience on your Shopify store.

The custom search dropdown, powered by Sparq, will significantly improve the user interface and overall usability of the search feature. It allows users to quickly access relevant search results as they type, making it easier for them to find the products they're looking for.

By automatically enabling the custom search dropdown, you'll further enhance your store's search functionality, making it more intuitive and efficient for your customers. This feature is sure to boost user satisfaction and help drive conversions by offering an enhanced search experience that aligns perfectly with your store's unique branding and design.

Advanced Customization

Easily tailor sparq's template to your preferences by following these steps:

  • Access Shopify Themes: Navigate to the themes section within your Shopify admin panel.

  • Customize Your Theme: Click on the "customize" option for the theme where Sparq is integrated.

  • Navigate to Collections Page: From the Shopify theme editor, go to the collections page.

  • Choose Sparq Filter and Search: On the left side of the page, find and select 'Sparq Filter and Search' under the apps section.

  • Explore Customization Options: You'll see three options: Sparq Template, Custom Styling, and Custom Javascript.

  • Implement Your Changes: Utilize these options to integrate your custom HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You can see these modifications immediately on the visual editor, allowing you to assess the changes visually.

  • Save Your Customizations: Once satisfied, click on "Save" located at the top right corner of the editor. This ensures that all your customizations are applied and can be observed on the theme's collection page.

These steps enable you to seamlessly adapt Sparq's template to meet your specific requirements. By personalizing the template, you can create a truly unique and engaging shopping experience on your Shopify store

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