If you are a trial user or you already have a paid subscription, you can choose a plan that suits you most. Our plans depend only on the number of products in your store, not the number of searches or operations performed per month. To know more about our pricing, visit https://www.sparq.ai/pricing.

Choose Plan

To upgrade or see your existing plan, visit our "Billing" plan via the Shopify app. On this page, you will see all available plans and also your current plan. Each plan highlights its features and monthly cost associated.

Sparq Billing

Activate Plan

Once you select a plan which fulfills your requests, you will be redirected to the screen to confirm the upgrade. If you have a discount code, you can apply the same here and click on "Change Plan"

Approve Charge

The last step is to approve these charges at Shopify. All our billing happens through Shopify billing, and you need to approve the same.

Approve Charges on Shopify

If you have any issues with the billing process, feel free to reach out to us at hello@sparq.ai.

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