The synonyms feature allows you to create equality between different search words in such a way that they return the same search results.

Sparq offers an amazing and reliable search experience by using its advanced synonym feature.

After installing Sparq, move to your Apps dashboard and further click on Sparq search then click on the synonyms tab. You will find a detailed explanation of one way and two way along with three sub-options each of which is mentioned below:

Add Synonym

This option is used to add synonym sets one by one. You need to know the connection type ie one way or two way, source word and the necessary synonym to add.
Here, source word refers to the term for which you want to set the synonym. Once you enter all the values, click on save.

All synonym sets will be displayed in a table containing type, source word, synonyms, and action as shown below. The icon under the Action column in the table can be used to delete that particular synonym set.

Import Synonym

This option is helpful in adding synonyms in bulk by pasting the text in the format specified below unlike the add option, which allows only one synonym set to be added at a time.

  • One-Way Synonym Word->Synonym ,eg:couch->sofa
  • Two-Way Synonym Word,Synonym, eg: gown,dress

Once, the synonyms have been added in the required format in the bar shown, click on save. All the synonyms entered would appear in the table as shown below,

Clear All Synonyms

This option allows you to clear all synonym sets at once by clicking on delete in the pop-up bar as shown. Once you click on delete, the table would become blank as before.

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