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How to set up Synonyms on Sparq dashboard?
How to set up Synonyms on Sparq dashboard?

Learn how to use empty query values to set up synonyms and reduce no result error on your store

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The synonyms feature allows you to create equality between different search words in such a way that they return the same search results.
Sparq offers an amazing and reliable search experience by using its advanced synonym feature.
After installing Sparq, move to your Apps dashboard, click on the "Sparq Product Search and Filters" and then navigate to Merchandising > Synonyms. You will find a detailed blurb explaining one-way and two-way synonyms as highlighted below:

Add Synonym

The "Add Synonyms" option is used to add sets on a one-by-one basis. Fill in the connection values i.e. one-way or two-way (from the drop-down), source word, and the respective synonym to add.
Here, the source word refers to the term for which you want to set the synonym. Once you enter all the values, click on "Save Synonym". You also have the ability to override your pre-existing synonyms.

All synonym sets will be displayed in a table containing the type, source word, synonyms, and action as shown below. The icon under the "Actions" column in the table can be used to delete a synonym set.

Import Synonym

We understand that efficiency is important, "Import" is a helpful option to add synonyms in bulk by pasting the text in the format specified below, unlike using the "Add Synonyms" option, which allows only one synonym set to be added at a time.

Note: Each synonym set should be a new line item and empty text and special characters are not allowed. Also, make sure to add a valid separator for One-Way( -> ) and Two-Way( , ) synonym set.

  • For One-Way Synonym, Word->Synonym

    • Example: couch->sofa

  • For Two-Way Synonym, Word,Synonym

    • Example: gown,dress

Once, the synonyms have been added in the required format in the bar shown, click on "Save Synonyms". All the synonyms entered would get reflected in the table as displayed below.

Clear All Synonyms

The "Clear All" option is used to clear all the synonym sets at once. A pop-up card shows upon clicking the option, asking you to confirm and delete your existing synonym sets. Once you click "Yes", the table would clear all synonyms and you will be left with a blank table.

Feedback is most welcomed. Got a suggestion? Feel free to request custom features for your store. For any support, you can reach out to us using the in-app-chat feature or mail us at [email protected]

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