First Time Sync
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The first time you install Sparq Product Filter and Search on your store, we need to pull all of your data from Shopify and process it to make it available for searching on your store user. This process can take some time depending on the count of products, collections, and pages at your store.

The items are processed in batches (150 products each). Until the first batch is complete, we do not enable the search on your store. We automatically enable the search page and search dropdown once the first batch is processed successfully. This ensures that users do not see empty search pages or dropdown when visiting your store.

Along with this, we generate system based filters using the product tags and variants data available from the Shopify and display the same on the search result page.

To add these filters on your collection page you can manually update your theme files or can connect with us using our in-app chat or email us at

If you would like to disable the search until the first sync is complete, you can disable the integration and enable it manually later.

During the time when data is being synced, you will see a message along with a progress bar as shown below.

Enabling Sparq

After the initial Data Sync is done, make sure that you toggle the “Enable Search Integration” button in the Dashboard so that Sparq Search is live on your store.

Please note, if you disable this then it will also disable the filters on the collection page as well so if you only want to disable the search feature from your store and keep the filters on the collection page please contact support for now.

You can also take this time to check out the Preference and Theme Integration under settings section that you have access to with Sparq. Also, make sure that enabled the search box, search page, and collection page integrations. You can read more about all of this in the Theme Integration section.

Partial Sync

As Sparq Search supports real-time sync, you will observe that data from Shopify is synced multiple times from your store. During this partial sync period, the search on your store is not affected. Depending on the volume of data (only records changed since the last update), the data in search may be out of sync with search results. This is usually for a few minutes until all data is synced again.

If the partial sync is under progress on your store, you will see a message like below on the app.

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