Real-Time Sync
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Your store’s catalog data is copied and stored in our servers as part of the Indexation process. But what happens after the initial indexation that is done when you’re setting up Sparq Product Filter and Search?

Sparq Search uses real-time background sync to keep the latest data on product, category, and pages to deliver the best search results. That means you don’t have to worry about sending over all this data manually to keep your search running perfectly!

If you want to see the sync in action, head on over to the Data Sync tab, here you can see how Sparq real-time sync is working.

First, let’s go over the Sync Log. This shows you information about the last 20 syncs along with timestamps.

Sparq Search makes use of Shopify Webhooks to process the latest updates to your catalog. These changes are reflected within seconds and you can also check the timestamps to see when the last data from your store was synced.

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