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Merge Values in a Filter
Merge Values in a Filter

Learn how to keep filter values less for people to easily browse and make appropriate selection

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This guide is for newer version of Sparq Dashboard. If you are on 
older version of Sparq dashboard, reach out to support to upgrade your

Sometimes the filters have multiple values which can be easily combined into broader values to make it easier for users to understand values and select them.

For eg., if you are an apparel store, you will have "Color" data on your products which will have values like Maroon, Cherry Red, Burgundy, Crimson, etc. It makes no sense for a visitor to see all these values in the "Color" filter

Sparq provides an easy way to merge such values for a filter. In the below example, we will merge values using the Sparq dashboard.

Using the left-hand sidebar, open the filters page and click on the specific filter for which you want to merge value.

Edit filters in Sparq Search & Filters

For each filter, there is a section that says "Tag Grouping", where you need to enter data in the following format. The => character used should be correctly entered

red => maroon, cherry red, crimson
blue => navy blue, sky blue, blue

Group values for Sparq Filters & Search

Once you complete the values, save the filter. The system will take upto few mins to reflect the changes on your store, depending on the products you have in your store. The system will scan all products again and group the values for the color filter and only show the top level color values

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